Student Success Programs

College and Career Planning

Focus on the Future

Whether students want to attend a four-year college after high school or are focused on a more immediate work path, Insight Schools of California (ISCA) offer the right tools to help them evaluate their strengths and interests and explore career and college directions that will be both satisfying and rewarding.

As a Dashboard Alternative School Status (DASS) model school, ISCA provides opportunities for students who are behind in their education or who need additional support to graduate from high school. After graduation, students will not meet the entrance requirements to attend a four-year university. They’ll first need to attend a two-year or community college in order to meet those entrance requirements.

Get Guidance from Experienced Counselors

In addition to career and college planning and support tools, students benefit from one-to-one support from experienced academic counselors, who:

  • Guide students to important planning resources
  • Track students’ career and college goals as part of their Individualized Learning Plan—including targeted colleges, scholarships, and career aspirations

Plan Your Career

We offer the right tools to help students evaluate their strengths and interests and explore career directions that are both satisfying and rewarding.

Students will:

  • Learn about financial aid options
  • Learn how to prepare for a job interview and write a resume
  • Set both short- and long-term education goals to match career interests
  • Learn how to be successful on the job

We believe that with this kind of personalized guidance and support, we can help students achieve their dreams and succeed.

High school student wearing a graduation hat