Meet Our Team

Meet Our Administrators

The administrators at Insight Schools of California (ISCA) are ready to share their innovation, expertise, and enthusiasm with your family. The leadership is dedicated to empowering our school community.

Kimberly Odom | Head of Schools

Kimberly began her journey in education 16 years ago within the special education department. She has worked with kids ranging in ages from preschool through college, focusing on transitional components for students. Kimberly piloted an adult transition program at the local community college that successfully graduated students with an AA degree as well as provided community work opportunities. She came to California Virtual Academies (CAVA) in the fall of 2012 as an education specialist and was most recently the director of special education for all K12-powered California schools. She brings to the table her love for continued education as well as a strong focus on data driven student supports and achievement.

Morgan Vincent | Academic Administrator

Briette Peterson | Director of Engagement

Monique Kroese | Lead Teacher (Math, Social Science)

Brittney Larkin | Lead Teacher (English, Science, Electives)

Jaime Forrest | Lead Trauma & Guidance Counselor

Brandi Bravo | Program Specialist

Holly Rodriguez | ELD Coordinator