Diploma and Graduations FAQs

Can I transfer credits in from a home school portfolio? From standardized exams?

Students can be in grade 9, 10, 11, or 12 when they enroll. Generally speaking, students can apply public school credits or earned credits for homeschool work toward their graduation requirements at Insight Schools of California. Students who enroll with a transcript or a home school portfolio will speak with an Insight Schools of California Admissions Advisor who will evaluate satisfactory completion of the documented work as it relates to Insight Schools of California standards.

Who issues the diploma?

Graduating students will be issued a diploma from Insight at San Diego, Insight at San Joaquin or Insight School of California.

Can my child apply to college after graduating from Insight Schools of California?

When your son or daughter graduates from Insight Schools of California, he or she will have a valid diploma received from a state-approved public school. With that diploma come all the records required for the community college/vocational program application process or military entrance.

Please Note: Insight Schools of California are DASS Model Schools (Dashboard Alternative School Status). Insight Schools of California provide an opportunity for students who are behind in their education or need additional support to graduate from high school. Our program specifically serves any secondary student grade 9 through 12 who is credit deficient. Upon graduation, students will not meet the entrance requirement to attend a four-year university. Students will first need to attend a two-year or community college in order to meet entrance requirements.