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The three Insight Schools of California (ISCA) are governed by their own independent board of directors. Each board meets on a quarterly basis to oversee the management, operation, activities, and affairs of the school.

Each board of trustees defines, composes, and revises (as needed) the policies of each of the ISCA schools and ensures compliance with their charter agreements and applicable laws and regulations.

The composition of the board of trustees for each of the ISCA schools reflects the individual school’s mission and vision. Consideration in the election to the board of trustees for any of the three ISCA schools includes the following:

  • Clear commitment to the mission and vision of the school and to the welfare of children
  • Experience working with a nonprofit organization in some capacity
  • A reputation for and record of high integrity
  • A successful record of activity in education reform or community building
  • Willingness to serve in one of the following Board areas: policy development, planning, fiscal review, grant writing, staffing, community relations, or school development
  • Proven leadership abilities
  • Familiarity with educational technology
  • Leadership in the community across multiple sectors
  • Integrity and credibility in the community
  • A desire to help the children of California improve their educational prospects and character development
  • Professional educational and/or practical experience, including legal and financial expertise
  • A diversity of backgrounds, interests, and expertise